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Plan Table

Planning yourself for motherhood!

Getting Pregnant

Preparing to have a baby is not something that should be done in an impulsive manner as pregnancy and delivery are life changing events. With this in mind health care providers now believe that healthy women should attend a pre-conception clinic to prepare for a new pregnancy.

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Note: In certain categories of women, the attendance of a preconception clinic is mandatory and not optional!


Baby Birth

Every venture worth its while, require planning. Pregnancy and birthing is probably one of the most special moments in a family and as such require dedicated planning.

You will need to have an effective birth plan.

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Pregnancy is the time when a woman experiences the most joy and trepidation all rolled into one. While you would tread the road ahead cautiously and act meticulously on all the advice given to you, even with the best of knowledge and your honest efforts, you could make mistakes — albeit unknowingly.

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Note: But worry not, here we tell you about those common mistakes and give you tips on damage control if you have already taken a few missteps!


Feeding Baby

The general statement that pregnancy means “eating for two” though superfluous and sweeping is however worth paying some attention to. For some women, they go to the extreme of eating for two and may be for four! And consume all sorts of things with a keen sense of unbridled appetite, eating without control.

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Note: What you should eat is a balance diet with carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals are all necessary


Trimester Chart

Pregnancy has three trimesters, each of which is marked by specific fetal developments.

  • 4

    Cell Division

    In the first three weeks of life, there is active and rapid division and differentiation of cells to lay down the necessary frame work for all the organs and systems of the body.

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  • 9

    Fetal Development

    At this stage of development, the organs and systems of the baby are formed from the foundation earlier laid. This is the reason this period of development is referred to as the period of organogenesis.

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  • 13

    Baby's Movement

    At this stage of pregnancy, the organs and systems of the baby begin to mature. The baby is now referred to as fetus. There is rapid growth in the size of the fetus at a rate averaging about 8mm per week with an increase in the weight of the fetus over five times.

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1st Trismester

0.4kg - 2.0kg
  • 18

    Pregnancy Health

    In the early second trimester, the fetus develops rapidly and some structures are established. Finger and toe nails are laid on the already formed finger beds. Fats are deposited under the thin translucent skin of the baby to give the baby warmth.

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  • 22

    Pregnancy Comfort

    Maturity and development continue with preferential growth of the legs over the arms so that the legs become longer than the hands. The nervous system, intestinal tract, lungs and immune system all attain further maturity and development.

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  • 27


    At this stage of the pregnancy, the fetus is capable of extra-uterine survival with intensive support, hence the fetus is said to be ‘viable’. Viability varies from country to country and from one neonatal facility to the other.

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2nd Trismester

2.0kg - 8.0kg
  • 31

    Healthy Sleep

    The fetus at 29 weeks weighs about 1.2kg and gains about 500g per week from between 32 weeks and 35weeks. At about 34-35 weeks, most babies lay vertically with the head towards the pelvis.

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  • 36

    Relax with Music

    At this late stage of pregnancy, the baby gains significant weight, and so the baby’s average weight at term is about 3.4kg. Fat is accumulated and deposited underneath the skin and muscles.

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  • 40

    Lower Anxiety

    At this late stage of pregnancy, the baby gains significant weight, and so the baby’s average weight at term is about 3.4kg. Fat is accumulated and deposited underneath the skin and muscles.

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*units in weeks

3rd Trismester

8.0kg - 13.6kg