April 21, 2024


Pregnancy Nigeria

The following are some steps you can adopt to successful breastfeeding:

·  Assume a comfortable position.

·  Ensure that you support your breast with the free hand with your thumb on top, fingers beneath. Do keep your fingers out of the areola which your baby has to grasp.

·  Tickle the lips of your baby with the nipple until the baby’s mouth is opened wide.

· Do not attempt to stuff the nipple into the mouth of the baby when the baby is not willing.

· The mother should assist the baby to latch on the nipple and the areola. When the baby sucks on the nipples alone, this can lead to soreness and cracking of the nipple.

· Always try to displace the breast from the baby’s nose whenever you feel that the breast is blocking the nose.

· A strong rhythmic motion over the baby’s cheek is a sign that the baby is sucking.

Do not pull your breast abruptly out of the baby’s mouth when the baby has finished sucking, but holding tenaciously to the breast. The best way to remove the baby’s mouth is to break the suction by depressing the breast. Another way to achieve this is to stop your little finger gently in between the jaws of the baby’s mouth.

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