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May 29, 2024

Conducting a Pre-conception Clinic

Pregnancy Nigeria

In the conduction of the pre-conception clinic, women are given standard questionnaires to extract information on personal, family history, social history, past medical and surgical history, history of previous pregnancies. The immunization history of the client is also determined. Relevant blood test and other investigations are also carried out. Women are thereafter counseled on their preparedness or otherwise for pregnancy and are thus able to make informed decisions and plan for pregnancy. Clinic attendance is flexible and tailored to the need of the client. Certain factors will however influence the nature of the Preconception clinic and will include the following:

-The environment

-Prevalence of certain health conditions

-Proximity to the next pregnancy

-Previous experience in previous pregnancies

-Type and use of contraception

-Previous medical conditions

-History of previous surgery

-Genetic makeup of the couple contemplating pregnancy

-Habits such as smoking and alcoholism and drugs of addiction

-Allergic reaction to drugs and or food

-Occupation and nature of Job

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